Harder Votes to Pass Coronavirus Economic Stimulus

March 27, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Representative Josh Harder (CA-10) today voted to pass the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the third sweeping bipartisan bill to help America fight the Coronavirus and ensuing economic chaos. The bill will provide direct stimulus payments to individuals and small businesses, extend unemployment insurance, and expedite the production and purchase of necessary medical equipment for medical personnel. Rep. Harder will hold several events next week to explain the legislation and provide direct assistance to individuals and small businesses.

“This bill is an important step forward in helping our families, our small business owners and our first responders deal with the pandemic. It’ll provide quick financial support, protect people who lose their jobs, give grants to small businesses to keep our economy afloat and get much-needed resources to our heroes on the frontlines - our medical personnel and first responders,” said Rep. Harder. “But there’s still a lot left to do. In the next bill, we need to focus on expanding paid leave, do more to protect first responders and medical personnel, and expand health care services in areas like the Central Valley.”

The CARES Act will:

  • Provide one-time direct payments to Americans up to $1,200 each – plus additional funding for each child
  • Provide grants for small businesses - which do not require repayment
  • Expand unemployment benefits by up to $600 per week and increase the duration recipients are eligible to receive it
  • Support unemployment benefits for those with reduced hours so employers don’t have to layoff employees during the economic downturn
  • Provide billions of dollars to develop and purchase personal protective equipment for medical personnel, including masks, gloves, and gowns

Representative Harder is a leader on efforts to respond to the Coronavirus. His Paid Sick Leave Credit Act was signed into law earlier this month by the President. That bill will allocate tax credits to employers that provide paid sick leave to employees affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Rep. Harder also introduced the Universal Coronavirus Vaccine Act, which would give everyone access to the Coronavirus vaccine once it’s completed all necessary testing and development. He’s also held two telephone town halls with over 10,000 Central Valley residents and asked the Secretary of Education to do more to help rural schools