How We Can Help You

My office is here to help, whether you’re having difficulties with Medicare, Social Security, the VA or any other federal agency. If you need assistance please click here to contact me.

Paula Elias, Manteca

Paula's special needs grandson lives in Canada. After visiting just before the Coronavirus Pandemic in March, she knew that her passport was expiring, and wanted to get it renewed as soon as possible so she could go back to help her family when the borders opened. She waited weeks with no updates, and when she called the passport office got no answers. Josh Harder was able to help her quickly clear up the issue and get her passport - and Paula has a trip planned to see her grandson.

Dr. Sulman Razzaq, Turlock

Dr. Sulman Razzaq is a cardiologist in Turlock who spends his days saving lives. A bureaucratic delay between the Department of Labor and USCIS threatened his ability to practice medicine in the Valley. Josh Harder was able to quickly clear up the issue and get Dr. Razzaq his Department of Labor certification so he could continue caring for our neighbors.

Jesse Duran, Ceres

Jesse was prescribed a lifesaving medication to help his heart healthy. Even though his cardiologist said he needed it, TriCare said it was too expensive for them to cover. After 34 years in the Army National Guard, he thought he would have to pay $500 a month for this medicine. Josh Harder was able to get TriCare to cover the medication.

Genesis and Genevieve, Modesto

Twins Genesis and Genevieve were born in March of 2019, but after they were born only one was assigned a Social Security Number. After countless trips to the Social Security office and dozens of calls, their parents still weren't any closer to getting the second Social Security Number. That's when they called Rep. Harder and he was able to grease the wheels and get them everything they needed.

Beverly Ellis, Modesto

Beverly Ellis became homeless after she was given the runaround by the Department of Housing. Even though she already had a Section 8 voucher, she still ended up living in her car for five months. Rep. Harder was able to help her get things sorted out with her voucher and now she has a roof back over her head.

Maria Garibay, Turlock

Maria Garibay's daughter was mistakenly given a duplicate Social Security Number (SSN) when she was born. Maria was told multiple times by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that the error had been fixed, but when Maria tried to claim her daughter with the IRS and MediCal, both agencies told her that they couldn't work with her daughter due to the duplicate number. Maria tried to get the SSA to fix this mistake for 18 years with no luck - Rep. Harder was able to get her daughter a news SSN in just two weeks.

Kathy Martz, Tracy


Kathy Martz from Tracy was a nurse for most of her life. A few years ago her doctor declared her fully disabled and she had to quit her job. Social Security approved her for payments, but took years to actually start paying her. I’m glad to say my office was able to help her get almost $50,000 in back pay she was owed.

Stephen Lovejoy, Modesto

Stephen Lovejoy from Modesto served our country in Vietnam. He recently visited a dentist outside the VA network only to find out that his past medical bills hadn’t been paid by the VA. Our staff was able to cut red tape to get those payments made so that Stephen didn’t have to pay out of pocket.

Sarah Beekman, Turlock

Sarah Beekman from Turlock runs a bee farm with her husband and they help to pollenate Central Valley almonds. This year, because of the government shutdown, the visas she gets every year to bring in skilled workers were delayed and she thought they were going to lose a whole season of work, until our office was able to secure the worker visas she needed.