Rep. Harder Pushes for Water Infrastructure Projects in the Central Valley

March 21, 2019
Press Release

PATTERSON, CA – In his push for sustainable water solutions for the Central Valley, Representative Josh Harder yesterday toured two innovative water projects across local water districts.

“Water isn’t a Republican or a Democrat issue, our whole community needs clean water,” said Harder. “Every person in the Central Valley needs a reliable water supply, whether it’s to irrigate their crops or to drink. This was a productive conversation with our local water experts on the ground, and I’m looking forward to partnering with them to help advance common-sense water infrastructure projects that secure and grow our water supply.”

Harder’s tour with local leaders stopped at the North Valley Recycled Water Project and the Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir.

The North Valley Recycled Water Project provides recycled water for agricultural customers while providing sustainable climate solutions to the Central Valley – this project alone will generate an additional $67.5 million per year to our region’s economy and contribute as much as 30,600 acre feet per year.

Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir is another innovative water infrastructure project that would provide an additional 85,000 acres of off-stream water storage for the Central Valley.

The Administration’s proposed budget plans to cut 30 percent from the Army Corps of Engineers, hurting dams and levees across California. Harder is fighting cuts to water infrastructure and is focused on ensuring the federal budget reflects the needs in the Central Valley by allowing good water projects to advance.