Harder’s Bipartisan Protecting Families of Fallen Servicemembers Act Passes Committee – Next Stop House Floor

October 29, 2019
Press Release
Over 90 Percent of Bills Die before Reaching Committee Milestone

WASHINGTON – Representative Josh Harder’s (CA-10) bipartisan Protecting Families of Fallen Servicemembers Act has passed the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. The bill will allow the families of fallen and critically injured servicemembers to end their phone, cable, or internet contract without being financially penalized. Approximately 91 percent of bills introduced this Congress have failed to make it this far in the process, and the bill is expected to pass the full House of Representatives in the coming months. Rep. Harder introduced the bill alongside Ohio Republican Brad Wenstrup (OH-02).

“We owe our men and women in uniform for their service and sacrifice in defense of our country. You expect that companies would do the right thing if a servicemember dies in the line of duty – unfortunately, that’s not always the case. This bill will ensure that grieving loved ones of a fallen hero don’t have to fight their cable or cell phone company to change their service – it’s the last thing these folks need to be worrying about,” said Rep. Harder. “Getting this through committee is a huge milestone – next stop is the House Floor.” 

“We are now one step closer to ensuring Gold Star families are able to terminate contracts after tragedy strikes,” said Rep. Wenstrup. “I encourage Speaker Pelosi to quickly bring the Protecting Families of Fallen Servicemembers Act to the floor for a vote.”

Following the death of a servicemember, families have many existing protections in place to guarantee they aren’t responsible for various issues. Last year, the House of Representatives passed legislation similar to Rep. Harder’s, but the Senate did not include it in a larger bill. The Protecting Families of Fallen Servicemembers Act will resolve that issue and ensure families don’t have to struggle with additional problems following the death of a loved one.