Harder Pushes PG&E to Double Down on Helping Communities Facing Power Shutoffs, Slams Massive Executive Bonuses

June 26, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Representative Josh Harder released the following statement urging Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to double down on their public engagement to ensure our communities are prepared in the face of potential multi-day power shutoffs resulting from dangerous wildfire conditions. Rep. Harder’s office has been in communication with PG&E and is very concerned with the possible shutdowns and what it means for families in Manteca and Ripon.

“While PG&E has taken some important steps to get the word out about the potential shutdowns, I believe they need to double down on this outreach and do more to help our cities in the Valley. I’m very concerned that in the year 2019 we still don’t have the utility infrastructure to keep our power on during wildfires. Shutdowns are a band-aid – we need real investments in our infrastructure.

“No one wants their power shut off, especially for days at a time. Families and businesses deserve better. Our power grid is in bad shape and it’s ridiculous that we’re hearing talk about bonuses for PG&E executives. Instead of giving handouts to executives, PG&E should invest that money in our aging infrastructure. Any executive who takes that bonus should have to come explain to folks in Manteca and Ripon why their power is being shut off while wealthy executives can get another kickback.”