Harder Milestone: Over $3 Million Saved for Constituents

July 27, 2020
Press Release
Government Agencies Mistakenly Billed or Denied Payments to More than 2,300 People

Modesto, CA – Representative Josh Harder (CA-10) today announced that his office has now saved constituents $3,001,426.00 in government benefits or mistaken bills from government agencies. Members of Congress typically focus specifically on issues with federal agencies, but with extended unemployment and significant issues with the California Economic Development Department (EDD), Rep. Harder’s office team expanded to help people cut through red tape at that state agency. In addition to EDD, the agencies who made the most mistakes were the IRS, the Social Security Administration, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

“From day one my office has rolled up our sleeves to get things done for the Valley. A big part of that is helping people cut through the bureaucratic red tape to get families the money they are owed by government agencies,” said Rep. Harder. “I’m thrilled we could help so many people, and I encourage anyone having trouble getting through to give our office a call.”

A partial breakdown of the number of constituents served and major issues with agencies is listed in the table below.


Number of People Served

Total Saved/Returned

Dept of Veterans Affairs



Internal Revenue Service



Social Security Administration



CA Economic Development Dept