Harder Encourages Americans to Send Birthday Cards to World War Two Veteran Celebrating 100th Birthday

August 8, 2019
Press Release
Tom Dimperio, Modesto Native, Was Awarded Three Purple Hearts, Bronze Star for Service in WWII

Modesto, CA – Representative Josh Harder (CA-10) is encouraging Americans to send birthday cards to Tom Dimperio, a WWII hero who will turn 100 years old on August 18th. Dimperio is originally from Hoboken, New Jersey served in Italy during the war and went on to work for the United States Postal Service. Cards should be sent to Josh Harder’s Modesto office

World War II Hero Tom Dimperio Pictured in Uniform and Today

“Tom Dimperio is a real-life hero – he put everything on the line to protect our country during World War Two – and he has the scars to prove it,” said Rep. Harder. “He did his part – now it’s time for us to do ours – I encourage everyone who hears about this story to make a small but meaningful gesture to honor Tom on his birthday. Please consider sending him a well-deserved 100th birthday card.”

“My great uncle has been my biggest hero and inspiration. Discipline is the soul of an army,” said Jason Rose, Dimperio’s Great-Nephew. “It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”

Army Staff Sergeant Tom Dimperio of Ceres went to Camp Gruber, Oklahoma in 1942 for basic training and was ultimately assigned to the 88th Infantry Division. He continued training in North Africa and was sent to Naples, Italy in 1944. Dimperio was injured twice during the war – first when a mortar shell exploded near him, shooting pieces of shrapnel throughout his body. He was injured a second time in Northern Italy, where was struck by Nazi machine gun fire and artillery shrapnel. He owes his life to a pile of manure. While the opponent was shooting at him, he crawled behind a large pile of manure.

Dimperio resided in Modesto most of his life but currently lives in a Veteran’s facility in Menlo Park, Ca. His wife, Genevieve, is still a resident of Modesto, Ca.

Rep. Harder is taking several additional steps to ensure Mr. Dimperio’s 100th birthday is special. Rep. Harder has reached out to the White House to request a special Presidential Greeting. He will also have a flag flown over the United States Capitol on Dimperio’s birthday in his honor. Harder is working with Jason Rose, (great-nephew), to arrange other special commemorations, including a birthday celebration in September.