Harder Bill Makes Universal Health Care Precondition for Congressional Raises

June 10, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Representative Josh Harder (CA-10) today announced the introduction of the No Health Care, No Raise Act, legislation which would prevent Congress from receiving a pay raise until everyone in the country is enrolled in comprehensive health coverage. This year’s funding bill for the Legislative Branch includes a $4,500 raise for members of Congress.

“When I ran a business, we only gave raises to the folks who earned them – Congress should have to live by the same rules,” said Rep. Harder. “If you’re a bad employee – if you can’t balance the budget sheet and you don’t finish the projects you were hired to do – you don’t deserve a raise. My bill would guarantee Congress is subject to the same standard as the people we represent – do your job or don’t expect more money.” 

Rep. Harder’s No Health Care, No Raise Act would prevent Congress from getting a raise until all Americans are enrolled in comprehensive health care coverage. Until Congress starts standing up to big pharma to ensure everyone has affordable prescription drugs, and until we make sure that mental health treatment options are widely available to everyone—Congress does not deserve to reward itself with a raise.